For the month of May we will be offering a 15% discount on a heartworm/lyme test. This blood test will test your dog for heartworm, lyme, anaplasmosis, and ehrlichiosis disease. Heartworm they get from mosquitoes and the other three they get from ticks. Spring/Summer is the ideal seasons for ticks and mosquitoes so please bring your dog in today to get him/her tested.

Tips to keep mosquitoes and ticks away from your pet and your yard.

1. Eliminate standing water - mosquitoes breed in standing water.

2. Trim back vegetation and grasses - mosquitoes like to hide out when it is really hot outside and ticks like to jump on their host from tall grasses and shrubs.

3. Plant certain repellents - citronella, catnip, lavender, marigolds, basil and peppermint are all plants mosquitoes avoid.

4. Preventive for your pets - Heartworm disease is preventable if you keep your pets on once a month heartworm control. There are also tick repellents for your dogs and cats so make sure they are on both preventives. If you have any questions please contact us!


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History: Mia is a 16 week old German Shepard that was presented to the Lena Veterinary Clinic for a history of lethargy, inappetence and vomiting for 1-2 days with no diarrhea. Mia had no previous history of any other health issues or problems before this episode, but had been seen 3 weeks earlier for her first puppy vaccination (distemper, parvovirus, parainfluenza, and adenovirus). At the time of the first visit, Mia was found to be bright, alert and perfectly normal.

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