The 4TH OF JULY is right around the corner. Please be sure your pets are safe. Here are the top ten safety tips from to keep your pet at ease:

10. Keep your pet indoors at all times.
9. Don't put insect repellant on your pet that is not specifically for your pet.
8. Do not give your pet alcohol.
7. If you're going to see the fireworks keep your pet at home.
6. Have your pet properly identified.
5. Keep your pet away from glow jewelry.
4. NEVER use fireworks around pets.
3. Don't give your pet people food.
2. Lighter fluid and matches are harmful to pets.
1. Citronella insect control can also be harmful to pets.

Please keep your animals in mind on this holiday.


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We offer a wide variety of different products at our clinic - pet food, toys, medicine, etc.


We provide on-farm large animal services for your cattle, horses, pigs, etc. We also have a haul-in facility available. We also specialize in small animals services.

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